In 2013, August Alsina made some noise with his breakout hit, 'I Luv This S---.' The New Orleans crooner returns with his new single, 'Make It Home' featuring Jeezy.

Produced by the Featherstones and co-written by the Exclusives, the reflective ballad is about a young man’s struggle to survive on the streets while hustling for that paper.

"I’ve dodged a couple of shots / Served a couple of blocks / Hit a couple of corners trying to shake a couple of cops," he sings. "I broke a couple of rules / Didn’t graduate from school / 'Cause I was busy hustlin', man, I thought that shit was cool."

Meanwhile, Jeezy echoes the voice of the hustler with his verse explaining his decision to hit the block hard.

"My life is schizophrenic, I’m just trying to stay sane / Pull a cup full hope it'll take away the pain," he raps. "I say you know I,I,I,I came from the projects, n---- / Don’t care if it kill me, I’ma stay in those projects, n----."

Alsina's 'Make it Home' will appear on his upcoming debut album, 'Testimony.'

“As an artist, I struggle with how much of myself to give to the people. How much I want my personal business to be judged," he says about the project. "Nothing is held back on 'Testimony.' When people hear my story, and see that I came from nothing, they’ll see that it’s possible for them too."

'Testimony' will arrive in stores April 15, which is the same date Alsina's older brother, Melvin LaBranch III, was slain. The project is dedicated in his honor.

Listen to August Alsina’s testimonial below.

Listen to August Alsina's 'Make It Home' Feat. Jeezy