All the wannabe Nicki Minajs and video dancers out there might want to think twice before enhancing their bottoms for potential rap stardom. Take the tale of Claudia Aderotimi (pictured), a 20-year-old British model born in Nigeria. Aderotimi wanted some distinguishing characteristics to boost her fledging hip-hop career, so she flew to Philadelphia and had illegal silicone injections in the curve of her buttocks administered in a hotel room. After returning home to East London and entering the hospital with chest pains, she passed away.

According to her friends, the surgery was the result of body image problems spurred on by being dropped from a promo shoot because her backside was "too small." Philly police are currently searching for the fake doctor that gave the injections and have already questioned a woman who they believe set up the meeting.

"We interviewed a woman who did all the emails to get the girls out here," a police spokesperson revealed. "We're now trying to identify the injector. No arrests have been made."

Speaking to Vanguard, Claudia's sister Toomi, relayed the shock her family has felt. "She said she was going to the U.S., but didn't say why," she said. "We thought it was a holiday. What happened is a huge shock. Her mother is very ill and is taking this very badly."

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