Last night, Nicki Minaj posted a photo on Instagram that has everyone wondering one vitally important thing—is she dating Nas?

Nicki captioned the picture in part "Only KINGS recognize QUEENS." The picture shows Nas with his arm around her, his face basically buried in her hair, as she poses with a regal expression. They appeared to be eating together because there's a plate of something on the table in front of Nas. Statik Selektah also posted a photo with Nicki and Nas, so it appears they were all celebrating something together.

At any rate, the picture is making the rounds and the Internet is worked up, speculating that two of the biggest names in hip-hop could be involved. Of course, Nicki has previously dated Meek Mill, and a bit of petty ensued following their public breakup and Nas' marriage to singer Kelis, which has long been over (she's since remarried), was televised on TV. Basically, Nicki and Nas are no strangers to public dating life.

Still, fans are chattering about the possibility of Nas and Nicki actually being an item. Take a look at what Twitter is saying about the potential hook-up below.

First, there's the utter shock of a Nas and Nicki hook-up. 

Some folks thought Nas making the "bae face" was adorable. 

While others think it's weird but it works. 

Then there are, of course, the incredibly super-enlightened folks who don't think Nicki is "woke" enough to engage with an emcee like Nas, who is the King of All The Wokeness. 

Some people think it's all just a "publicity stunt" i.e. Drake and Jennifer Lopez. 

While others couldn't help but point that Remy Ma used Nas' "Ether" track to light Nicki up... oh, the irony.  

Some people are already over it— wondering how anyone can care about anything else on planet earth when Trump just pulled a Nixon and fired FBI director James Comey.

But a lot of fans are here for the Nas and Nicki hook-up— like, could they be the new Bey and Jay!? 

At any rate, we'll probably see how this all plays out soon.

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