While many rappers tend to draw inspiration from the likes of Jay Z and the Notorious B.I.G., Andy Mineo looks to an unlikely source: Niccolò Paganini. The late violin virtuoso's style when it came to playing the strings was so wild and fast in the 1800s that some people thought he was possessed by the devil. The New York rapper, intrigued by Paganini's intense display of talent, decided to demonstrate his lyrical skills in a similar manner and paid homage to the musician by naming a song after him, which is featured on his new EP, 'Never Land.'

The 25-year-old's latest release landed at No. 1 on iTunes’ Hip Hop/Rap chart when it hit the marketplace in January due to the support of his loyal following (he has over 129,000 followers on Twitter and 234,000 Facebook fans). Despite the stigma of being a Christian rapper, Mineo is succeeding in an industry where rhymes centered on dope and violence tend to overrule those laced with a message on faith.

A smile was firmly planted on his face as he sat down with The Boombox to discuss his promising rap career as well as some of the moves he's making for his community in New York City's uptown neighborhood of Washington Heights. The first record he "wore into the ground," a mission trip to Argentina and his 2014 plans are all a part of the conversation.