Uptown Records founder and former Motown president Andre Harrell appeared on Angele Yee's 'The Morning After' show on Shade 45 recently, where he discussed his upcoming autobiography and his appearance on the new Jodeci reality show.

Harrell, who in addition to discovering Mary J. Blige and Jodeci, and founding/running Uptown Records, was also Diddy's mentor, said that his autobiography will see release in July.

"Basically it's gonna talk about how to be in the record business, what it takes to be in the record business, how to find a star, how to make a star and I'm gonna give you examples," explained Harrell. "I'm going to talk about Mary in the beginning and how we did that, I'm gonna talk to you about Puff and his work ethic, I'm gonna talk to you about Jodeci and their image, Al B. Sure!...I'm going to tell you the kinds of meetings we had, the kind of stuff we talked about, the kinds of things we were concerned with in order to develop the artists into a star."

Harrell also revealed that he will be appearing on Jodeci's reality show, which chronicles their attempts to get sober, and will be airing on TV One in September.

Finally, Harrell plugged his contest, 'The Superstar Soul Search,' which offers aspiring soul singers $10,000 and a chance to sign a record deal with Harrell.

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