Akon is giving back to the underprivileged youth of Africa with his new organization, the Konfidence Foundation. The organization was started by Akon, a native of Senegal, to bring awareness to the conditions in Africa, and provide the youth of the country with educational materials, health services and access to learning and recreational environments equipped with modern technology.

"It all strung from concept of creating a better future for the kids in Africa," Akon explained in an interview with AllHipHop.com. "I started realizing as I was growing up and as I was coming up in this business, I allowed myself to be educated, period. And I think that was the moment where I became more of an entrepreneur; I understood what the essence of business was."

Earlier this year, Akon teamed with Keri Hilson for the song 'Oh Africa,' where proceeds from the track go towards helping kids in Africa. Akon noted that education is the key component to success, and one of the driving forces inspiring him to start the foundation. "When we created the Konfidence Foundation, it was more so to find a platform to educate all these children so that they can have a better future with what's left to develop in Africa," he said. Akon also used his money from touring to build an elementary school in his native country.

Additionally, the organization also hopes to build Konfidence Mobile Clinics which will provide individual communities in Senegal with access to quality health care, and will conduct regular health screenings as well as provide education focused on disease prevention. For more information on the organization visit Konfidence.org.

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