Adrienne Bailon is a "Jill" of all trades. She's an accomplished actress, a successful singer, model and co-host of The Real, but she's even more than her resume. Bailon has grown a lot since she emerged into the music scene in late 2000 when her first girl group, 3LW. With a high-profile wedding and a possible stint of new music on the way the former Cheetah Girl opens up to The Boombox about wedding bells, releasing new music, her new NFL clothing gig and the inside scoop into her life as a church girl!

The Boombox: You’ve gone from being a Cheetah Girl to a model to a talk show host. What life goals do you have now that you may not have had before?

Adrienne Bailon: Well, I recently added getting married. It’s so crazy because people ask me what are you ambitious about, what are your goals and I’ve been working on the music and entertainment side since I was 14 years old – I can’t even believe that, next year will be 20 years that I’ve been doing this – and I just feel like a lot of my goals and ambitions are a little different now. It’s more about being happy and I would love to start a family – that’s really what I’m focused on. And I absolutely love being on The Real. It’s perfect timing for where I’m at in my life right now. I love being able to sit there and share life stories and laugh with my girls and just have a good time doing it. I’d love to get more into beauty and fashion. That’s a major passion of mine. Another thing that I really wanna look forward to is I’ve lost at this point already 15 pounds, which was the goal for my wedding. It’s kind of been life-changing. I really wanna turn it into a lifestyle. After the wedding the next goal is what I wanna look like for the honeymoon, after the honeymoon I’m going on a “familymoon.” I’m excited to better myself and maybe help people do the same along the way.

What have you enjoyed about being an ambassador for the brand so far?

Obviously the most amazing thing is working with the NFL. I think it’s so awesome to be part of something like this. I think especially as a woman, doing something cool for women that love football, but I have to say I had so much fun at an event they threw in LA, which was ladies’ night out and it was a karaoke night and I got to hang out with Keke Palmer – she’s a good friend of mine – and we just had so much. I loved seeing all the women in their jerseys because you know, a lot of people look at football and say that’s a guy’s thing … it’s so awesome to see these girls turn out in their jerseys, repping their teams and looking super stylish and having fun. I think the video of me and Keke singing Selena went viral.

Of all the brands that come to you and ask you to be a part of their marketing, what made you decide to team up with the NFL Women’s Apparel Collection?

I think the fact that I love football and I love fashion – I think it seems like the perfect combination. I actually got really excited about football when I started throwing Super Bowl parties because people would show up in their gear, cheering for their favorite team. I love the idea of actually attending football games. I got to go to the Super Bowl last year and I hope to go again this year. If I’m honest, at first, it’s hard to make team gear look cool, and I love the fact that with this woman’s line it’s so easy and it’s so amazing and I’m so lucky to be a part of it and it puts a twist on representing your favorite team.

Who's your favorite NFL team?

I absolutely love love love the [New York] Giants!

What do you look like on game day? If the Giants are playing their rivals, are you that person screaming at the TV and shouting at the players like they can hear you? 

I am the kind of viewer that throws great parties and looks at Pinterest to make guacamole bowls with yard lines and I’m the one that makes people drink during certain things. I try to make up rules. So I do get a little rowdy.

Do you think there will ever be a 3LW reunion – even if just for a one time performance?

I am the kinda gal that never says never, so we’ll just have to wait and see. Same with Cheetah Girls, I will never say never.

You’ve been pretty openly religious now ever since you did I’m in Love With a Church Girl and now you’re marrying an amazing gospel artist—

It’s so funny when I hear it like that. I grew up Pentecostal. My mom was superintendent of children’s ministries for the Assemblies of God, my dad is a worship leader. And now everyone knows! I’ve said it all along but people just started listening.

Have you ever thought about doing a gospel album or a collaboration project with your fiancé?

In the future, maybe. Maybe something for Christmas. It’s not a no, but we haven’t really talked about it. The only thing we’ve talked about is maybe doing something fun for Christmas.


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