Yeah, Kanye West already did a video in which he pretended to ride through the desert on a Harley but his s--t was kinda wack. Action Bronson's 'Easy Rider' clip is just the opposite -- a stroke of genius. Directed by longtime Bronsaliño collaborator director/ photographer Tom Gould, the video is five minutes of cinematic fun that exemplifies everything we've come to love about Action Bronson.

Though Bronson doesn't boast a ubiquitous hit song or a co-sign from Drake he stays a part of the conversation because his imagination knows no bounds. The fat white kid from Queens weaves tall tales replete with allusions to impossible feats of strength, travels to exotic locales, allusions to pop culture kitsch, his acrobatic ability, vivid descriptions of characters who probably don't exist and, of course, humor.

The video for 'Easy Rider' brings all of these elements together as Action plays the role of war vet on an LSD-fueled quest for his lost guitar. Along the way he makes love to a beautiful woman, brawls in a biker bar, has a Jim Morrison-like experience with a Native American shaman and does a guitar solo on a mountain top. Sound far-fetched? It's supposed to, as Gould and Bronson take tongue-in-cheek exaggeration to new heights. Watch the video above and marvel at what we think is a candidate for the video of the year.