The comparisons between Empire and Power have been brewing since 2014. Initially, 50 Cent claimed that the Lee Daniels-produced series ripped off the marketing for Power, but in a recent Vanity Fair interview, Fif sets the record straight on the similarities between the two series and being labeled as a "black show."

In response to both shows, which feature strong protagonists, being "lumped together, 50 Cent says there are no comparisons.
"The comparisons between those shows are really small," he told the interviewer Lisa Robinson. "I don’t even like being classified as a black show."

The G-Unit leader said his series is focused on the characters, including the New York City, which lends to the diversity of the critically acclaimed show. "With Power, I wanted the poster to feature Joe Sikora - Tommy [the white character] - because this show is as diverse as New York City," he said. "When we said that New York was a character, it is literally that. My goal is to make the show bigger and bigger and have everybody watch it."

In addition to talking Power and his acting and producer career, Fif also joked about his financial status. He shared that his grandfather still lived in Queens where he grew up but that he also moved him out to a a house in Long Island.

"So you obviously had enough money to buy him a house...?" Robison asked 50. "Oh, you know I ain’t got any money. [Laughs]," he responded.

Power returns this summer on the Starz network.

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