Unless you have been living under a rock you know that Rob Kardashian has spilled all the tea on social media about his relationship (if you want to call it that) with Blac Chyna. Their on-again off-again relationship led many people to believe that it was a publicity stunt that both Rob and Chyna were in on together.

But on July 5, a date that will go down in internet history, Rob let the world know on Instagram and then on Twitter that he was played. After the Kardashian dust settles and everyone is taken to court and sued there are some lessons that we can all learn from this scandal.

Lesson 1: If you are going to use social media to air out your dirty laundry start on Twitter and then move to Instagram.

When Rob initially began his rant he was on Instagram, which doesn't allow nudity, bullying or cursing of any kind on their photo-sharing platform. That was his first mistake. The jilted reality TV star's IG account was subsequently shut down after he posted nude photos of Chyna. Twitter, on the other hand, will give you some flexibility and allow you more time to rant. Rob's tweets about Chyna's infidelities are still up, while his Instagram page is still shut down.

Lesson 2: Californa isn't the only state that has Revenge Porn Laws–38 states have them.

Before you start planning how you're going to pull a Rob Kardashian on your soon to be ex, be sure you don't live in one of the 38 states that have Revenge Porn Laws. Remember, you are not a Kardashian, you will lose your job, money and possibly end up doing time in prison.

Lesson 3: Just scroll, don't comment, especially when you can become part of the scandal.

All T.I. had to do was scroll, laugh, or simply mind his business - but he didn't. He decided that he would tell Rob about himself, that was his first mistake. If someone is airing out their own dirty laundry on social media that means they probably don't have a problem airing out your alleged dirty laundry as well. Tip went from watching the scandal unfold to becoming part of the story when Rob let the world know that Chyna had a threesome with T.I. and his ex-wife Tiny.

Lesson 4: If you're attacking someone on social media and they are super quiet - stop. Don't pass go, do not collect $200.

After Rob posted the second picture on Instagram he probably should have stopped once he realized Chyna was maintaining military silence. Anytime someone who is very active on social media goes silent chances are their lawyer has advised them to remain quiet because all this will be used as evidence in a court of law.

Lesson 5: Everything is a joke on the internet - even your pain.

The world may never know if Rob was truly heartbroken after learning about Blac Chyna's extracurricular activities even though they are not together. But the internet is going to find ways to troll - that means your scandal will be turned into funny memes and skits. And while it may seem like you are making someone else look bad you are also digging yourself a grave.

A message from Professor Snoop Dogg sums this entire scandal up...

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