While a number of factors may have played into the breakup of the original Destiny's Child back in 2000, one thing for certain is that former member LeToya Luckett was never content to rest on her laurels as an artist. Debuting in 2006 with her solo album LeToya, which topped the Billboard 200 and earned her a platinum plaque, LeToya Luckett enjoyed a comeback that was unforeseeable to many and it thrust her back into the upper echelon of R&B.

After the release of Lady Love in 2009, she would eventually part ways with her Capitol Records and explore acting opportunities. After an extended break from music, Luckett has made her return with Back 2 Life, her first album in nearly eight years. Although the wait was extensive, the project is an admirable offering, with Luckett showing the talent as a vocalist and songwriter that captivated listeners a decade ago. We've picked out the five songs from the album that stand out from Back 2 Life. 

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    "In the Name"

    LeToya Luckett

    Keys and synths greet the listener on "In the Name," as LeToya Luckett speaks to matters of the heart. "Babe, there's no other way I'd rather spend tomorrow than right next to you," the H-Town native croons, littering the track with sweet nothings amid additional background vocals, which take the track to another level and enhances its overall quality. "In the Name" is among the more enticing compositions here and an example of the singer's return to form.

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    LeToya Luckett

    Here LeToya Luckett reunites with Ludacris, whom she collaborated with on 2009s "Regret." She sings about the uncertainty of love and the direction that relationships can take--pondering "Where do we go now?/Do we keep on walking into grey, don't know now," while resigning herself to her fate of being just "another nightingale" over hazy production. Anchored by a slick verse on the part of Ludacris, "Grey" is addictive.

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    "Show Me"

    LeToya Luckett

    "I see the fire in your eyes, so why you holding up the wall," LeToya inquires on "Show Me," an uptempo ditty that finds her directing listeners to the dancefloor. Powered by a funky bass guitar, digitized claps, and other wrinkles, the instrumental has a vintage flair to it, with which Luckett gives one of her more impressive vocal performances, owning the track with her presence. A feel-good tune that behooves you to bust a move, "Show Me" plays to LeToya Luckett's strength.

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    "My Love"

    LeToya Luckett

    Jittery percussion, breezy keys, and synths serve as the foundation for "My Love" one of the stronger uptempo selections on Back 2 Life. "You know what I hate about you, you know what I'ma say before I say it/And I can be a mess around you, you love me even though I'm complicated," the Houston native admits, as she gives her appreciation for the love of her life. Vowing to not "give anybody else my love," LeToya Luckett cooks up a mid-tempo offering that is among the more enjoyable tunes on her latest LP.

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    "World's Apart"

    LeToya Luckett

    Back 2 Life is comprised largely of lively numbers that get the body moving, but also includes the occasional soul-wrenching ballad, with "World's Apart" being the album's premier moment in that regard. Lamenting her pain after ending an unhealthy relationship, Luckett belts "God knows I tried, even turned a blind eye," making note of her own denial for love's sake, while coming to the realization that their union is one that can not be continued. "I believed that we had it all/Thought we would last forever/Through the ups and down/I swore up and down" are just a few lines on "World's Apart" that cut to the core and makes you feel the singer's heartache.

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