Eminem is one of the most popular, yet controversial rappers in the hip-hop world. Marshall Mathers made a name for himself rhyming about violence and sexually explicit content, which has made him a polarizing figure throughout his career -- those GLAAD activist groups had it out for him in 2001.

While he created plenty of songs with serious messages -- "Toy Soldiers" and "Rock Bottom," to name a few -- and many of his violent lines had a purpose, Em is just as remembered for the detailed, almost cartoonishly gruesome content in his lyrics. Killing his ex-wife in graphic detail was the norm on many of his albums.

We decided to dig through some of the Detroit natives most hilarious, disgusting and twisted insults he's delivered on record. Slim Shady had plenty of lines aimed at specific celebrities and politicians, but these are directed at a more general audience -- one he despises. Here are 43 Eminem Insults to Use Against Your Worst Enemy (see above).

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