More 2Pac memorabilia has popped up for sale. This time the ticket stub from the 1996 Mike Tyson fight in Las Vegas that the late rapper attended before he was infamously shot in a drive-by shooting is now on the auction block.

Shakur, along with Suge Knight, attended the Tyson Vs. Bruce Seldon fight at the MGM Grand in Vegas on Sept. 7, 1996. If you recall, the fight didn’t last long; Iron Mike easily knocked out Seldon in the first round, which lasted only 1:49. It was the quickest knockout ever in boxing history.

After the fight, ‘Pac and Suge got into an altercation with an alleged Crip gang member Orlando "Baby Lane" Anderson at the casino. Subsequently, 2Pac was shot several times in a drive-by shooting and rushed to a nearby hospital. Shakur died six days later on Sept. 13 from his injuries.

The unidentified owner bought the ticket stub from a guy who verified that it was indeed the rapper's ticket for the fight. Goldin Auctions, which seems to be place to auction off all-things Tupac, is looking to sell the ticket to the highest bidder.

According to TMZ, the auction house hopes to fetch $25,000 for the ticket stub.

Goldin Auctions also have a steamy love letter Shakur wrote in reply to a “passionate letter” he received while locked up at Clinton Correctional Facilities in 1995. In the missive, ‘Pac describes his sexual prowess, including his “12 positions of lovemaking” and his many uses of baby oil.

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