While it has become acceptable for mainstream athletes, actors and even pop singers to bare visible tattoos, Tupac Shakur will always have some of the most memorable and recognizable body art. In honor of the 15th anniversary of Tupac's passing, the fallen rap legend's tattoos will be featured on the cover of the upcoming 21st edition of Urban Ink magazine.

The magazine will feature interviews with several associated artists, including 'Pac's group, the Outlawz, who will discuss the significance and meaning of his tats. Urban Ink also polled West Coast MCs like the Game and Nipsey Hussle about the role 'Pac played in their careers, and even tracked down the tattoo artist who has been credited with most of 'Pac's most recognizable work.

"The cross on his back bearing the words 'Exodus 1831' is a reference to the year of the slave revolt led by Nat Turner that ended in the murder of his master and over [50] other white people," reads the feature story on 'Pac's classic ink. "Often misunderstood, even Tupac's most noted tattoo the 'Thug Life' on his stomach and the acronym it stood for -- (The Hate U Give Little Infants F---s Everyone) -- goes misinterpreted by his detractors to this day."

Urban Ink Issue 21 also features photo shoots with Bad Boy's most recent signee, Machine Gun Kelly and Young Money rapper Corey Gunz.

Tupac Shakur died of respiratory failure and cardiac arrest on September 13, 1996, after being shot four times in Las Vegas, six days prior. He was 25 years old.

Watch Tupac's 'I Get Around'

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