Ever so often the internet delivers a gift that keeps on giving. Case in point: a rare video of Tupac Shakur, Warren G, Richie Rich and Big Syke freestyling in the studio has popped up online.

The rare clip has been around for awhile. Big Syke posted the video two years ago, but it recently caught the eyes of a few hip-hop blogs.

In the visual, the foursome are chilling in the studio until the instrumental beat of Snoop Dogg’s 1993 track “Gz and Hustlas” plays and a cipher sparks up.

Warren G is the first to kick it off with his laid back flow before passing the lyrical baton to Bay Area rap legend Richie Rich. Then it was 2Pac’s turn and he spits a blistering verse that recalls some of his fiery songs like “Bomb First” and “Hit Em Up.”

“I won’t quit, I talk a lot of s--- / But I'll ball it all up, ‘cause I be ready to throw ‘em up / But n----s don’t want to slang them, ‘cause I bring ‘em / I be 165 but I’m high ‘til I f---in die,” he raps. “So whatchu wanna do, bring your whole f---in' crew / And my glock will have them n----s runnin' up the block.”

Finally, Big Syke, who was a longtime Pac affiliate and a member of 'Pac's rap crews Thug Life and the Outlawz, spits his final verse.

Watching four rap legends in the studio together rapping and showing unity with each other is a rare treat. Watch the vintage clip above and enjoy.

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