Hip-hop has influenced pop culture like no other genre has over the last 30 years. Originating in the slums of the South Bronx in New York City, the five elements of hip-hop have permeated throughout the nation and have spread to various countries worldwide. Through dance, visual arts, turntable wizardry and spoken word, the spirit that was birthed in the gutters of ghetto U.S.A. soon grew from a belittled pastime of the youth into a global phenomenon uniting people from different races to enjoy the sounds of an ever-evolving culture.

The rappers, producers and DJs may get all of the love and admiration, but the foundation of the culture is the b-boy, which is someone who lives and breathes hip-hop, conveying the vibe of the culture through the way they walk and talk. And conversation is arguably the biggest factor in the success of hip-hop. It speaks directly to us and for us. What some pundits have labeled as ebonics are nothing more than the fabric of our urban dialect. What may mean one thing to the "real world" may mean something if it was delivered by someone entrenched in hip-hop culture.

The Average Joe may associate the word "banging" with something being pounded, but in rap speak, it signifies that a certain food tastes extremely good, or it could refer to sexual relations. This may sound tricky to someone not as well-versed in the world of hip-hop, but luckily, the good folks here at The Boombox are here to help you navigate this verbal jungle.

In response to all of the gripes we've heard from bewildered squares, we bring you 20 Words That Mean Something Completely Different In Hip-Hop. Check it out and consider it a starter kit for your introduction into our complex lexicon.

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