Word of mouth has been a valuable source of promotion since the beginning of time. A singular thought by one person can spread like wildfire and reach way beyond their inner circle -- for better or for worse. That fact remains true in 2015, but instead of handwritten letters or face-to-face meetings, we communicate via tweets, Instagram photos and clips on Snapchat. This is the new way to share information and memories with our friends, family and social media buddies.

Technology has made it possible to break down boundaries, uniting people from all walks of life through Twitter -- it's easier than ever before to reach out to your favorite artist and hopefully get a response in 140 characters. Outlets like this, along with Facebook and Instagram have become the norm in daily life, with everyone from Fortune 500 companies to the average Joe participating in the banter.

One of the best aspects of these sites is the access it grants us to some of the most famous stars in the world, some of whom are especially savvy at dealing with the public. But out of all music genres, hip-hop reigns supreme when it comes to its artists engaging the fans and vise versa. Rappers help create a healthy dialogue that has only helped make the culture more exciting. The same goes for R&B -- don't count out the singers you admire when it comes to their entertaining posts.

However, the tweets and what goes down on the 'Gram can also be a hindrance to an artist's popularity with the public, whether by their own doing or not. Tides turn and once the fans conspire against you, it's a tough task to overcome -- the hate is real. The internet loves to give these guys a hard time. Check out 20 Rappers & Singers Social Media Loves to Hate.

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