Usher may not be your mama's age but he's certainly had enough life experiences to share wisdom on what works (and what doesn't) in this crazy world. From the moment he sang on Star Search at 13, there was something about this crooner that made us pay attention to what he said and the way he moved.

On the come-up in the industry, Usher proved he was more than just a handsome guy with buttery vocals and a sick set of abs. Instead, he was an artist who was determined to not only sell out shows and have his albums reach platinum status but earn respect while doing it. Whether it was maneuvering his way around the tabloids and bad press to making sonic excellence with Confessions, Usher is a prime example of living and succeeding in this crazy music business.

In honor of his 37th birthday today (Oct. 14), The Boombox takes a visual trip down memory lane to see what sage advice we can get from his lyrics, quotes and even his selfies on Instagram. Here are 16 Lessons Usher Can Teach You About Life.