1520 Sedgwick AveLegendary hip-hop landmark 1520 Sedgwick Avenue in the Bronx, N.Y. has been honored by the city's Municipal Art Society and non-profit organization City Lore for its cultural contribution to New York City. The address is widely regarded as the "birthplace of hip-hop," where the "founding father," DJ Kool Herc, threw what many consider to be the first hip-hop party on Aug.11, 1973.

Kool Herc and several other hip-hop legends launched a clothing company in honor of the address, aptly titled Sedgwick & Cedar. "1520 Sedgwick Ave. is the birthplace of hip-hop, creating an art form and culture unique to New York City that would go on to change the world," exclaimed Sedgwick & Cedar CEO, Ray Riccio. "This is a very proud day for DJ Kool Herc, the pioneers, hip-hop culture, S&C Co. and all those that care about preserving history."

1520 Sedgwick is one of six locations that City Lore and the Municipal Art Society have designated to honor. The address was declared a historic and cultural landmark in 2007. City Lore was launched in 1986 and works to celebrate and promote New York City's cultural diversity. "We believe that cultural diversity is a positive social value to be protected and encouraged; that authentic democracy requires active participation in cultural life, not just passive consumption of cultural products; and that our cultural heritage is a resource for improving our quality of life," states their Web site.

While 1520 Sedgwick is widely known as the "birthplace of hip-hop," some claim that no such place exists, as hip-hop (i.e. looping breaks, b-boying and MCing) was already taking place in Queens and Brooklyn by 1973. Regardless, we're proud to see 1520 Sedgwick recognized by the city.