Warm fuzzies alert! If you are in the doldrums, this sweet video should warm your heart and put a smile on your face.

A YouTube video has surfaced of a 10-year-old daughter rapping about her father who "always makes her happy."

In the clip, the cute little girl applauds her father for being such a wonderful parent.

"He do big things for this pretty little girl / On my 8th birthday, he took me down to Disney World," she raps over dad's rhythmic beat-boxing.

At the end, the father and daughter do their own version of the Nae Nae dance, much to our delight.

In the video's description, the father, YouTuber Ricky Weems, Jr., wrote:

Lil snippet of a song me and my daughter put together. She only 10 but she is a natural! Shoutout to the cameraman Jermaine who is only 6 but he learning!! Shoutout to my baby girl Malaya who couldn't make the video shoot, she was doing a commercial:) Like, Comment and Share!! Let's make it happen and pass the positive message!! #RealFathersRock!! Find me on facebook...Ricky Weems! Stay tuned cause there is more to come!!

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