Nas and Nicki Minaj nearly broke the internet today (May 10) when Minaj posted a photo of the two cuddled up together on Instagram. At first, it seemed like an odd pairing as Minaj is known for her outlandish tendencies while Nas is usually laid back. The two can sometimes draw different kinds of hip-hop fans, as well. Either way, it turned out to have most likely not been true -- their "date," which also had legendary producer Statik Selektah in the room, seems more like a congratulatory dinner at the Nas-owned restaurant, Sweet Chick.

"Only KINGS recognize QUEENS. @sweetchicklife has the best food congrats @nas," Nicki's caption.

However, the thought was already planted and the more we thought about it, the more we could see the two Queens natives together. Here are 10 Reasons Why We Wish Nas and Nicki Minaj Was a Real Thing.

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    They're Both from Queens

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    While Nas grew up in Queensbridge and Minaj hails from South Jamaica, Queens, they clearly have love for their borough as they both constantly rap about it in their songs. As legends in their own right, the two could become a power couple for Queens. And as the New York proverb goes, a couple that reps their borough together, stays together.

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    We'd Enjoy the Petty

    Earlier this year, Remy Ma dropped a crazy diss track, "ShEther" based off of Nas' own "Ether" from when he was beefing with Jay Z. While Nicki's comeback wasn't as strong, she may have won with this move. What's better than a good comeback track? Getting with the guy who made the diss track that Remy sampled. A Nas and Nicki union would almost reach the petty level of Blac Chyna getting with her ex's sister's brother, Rob Kardashian. But it's be pretty close. It'd be worth it just for that.

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    Nas Won't Lose a Rap Battle

    A. Retina Stewart, The Boombox

    Nicki Minaj took an L by association when she was dating Meek Mill, who perpetually got into fights he couldn't win. The most notable of these was in 2015 when Mill initiated beef with Drake but ultimately lost when the Toronto rhymer released "Energy" and "Back to Back." However, by dating Nas, she would no longer have to worry about that. Nas' "Ether" is the gold standard for diss tracks so no worries there.

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    Nicki & Beyonce

    Nicki and Beyonce are clearly pretty close as they collaborated on "Flawless (Remix) and "Feeling Myself." If Nicki Minaj got with Nas, this would give them one more connection -- although it might be kind of awkward. Nas' "Ether" was straight vitriol aimed at Jay Z aka Beyonce's husband. But the two rhymers were able to squabble their differences years later so we don't see why it'd get in the way of their friendship now. Plus, we're sure it'd make for some hilarious dinner commentary if they ever had a double date.

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    Nas Album Done


    DJ Khaled told the world that "Nas Album Done" last year, but we have yet to see a release for Nas' next project. If this isn't what Nicki was congratulating him on, we're hoping she can convince him to drop the project. There may even be a small chance that she suggests that Nas get with beatmakers like 9th Wonder and Madlib or for him to team back up with DJ Premier. Nas is his own man, obviously, but if they got together, we're sure Nicki would have some pull to get him to give the people what they want.

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    Nicki Minaj and Nas are both fashionable people. Minaj often wows at the Met Gala and Nas is known for his smooth suits and style. So it'd only be natural for them to get together and stunt. We can only imagine what these two could pull off on the red carpet together. And they may already have already started with matching pendants, according to some vigilant social media users.

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    More Nas in the Spotlight

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    As we've mentioned before, Nas has always been the quiet, laid back type and we love him for it. But, we'd be lying if we said we wouldn't love to see him in the spotlight more. With Nicki at his side, we're sure to see Nas on more red carpets and events.

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    It's About Time


    We know, we know, who are we to tell someone it's time for them to get with someone? We value personal space but we also love to see people in love together! Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill announced their break up earlier this year and Nas and Kelis divorced back in 2010. If they decide to get together, we say it's about time.

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    Collabs on Collabs on Collabs

    When musicians get together, they can't help but to craft some hits together as well. For Beyonce and Jay Z, it was "Crazy in Love" and "Drunk in Love." For Diddy and Cassie, it was "Must Be Love." For Papoose and Remy Ma, it was "What's My Name." We're sure if Nicki Minaj and Nas got together, they would release a collab to make Queens proud.

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    Their Happiness

    Above all, happiness is the most important for any couple. So if they genuinely care about each other, of course we'd want them to be together! From what we've seen online, Nicki is a sweetheart -- she recently paid off several kids' college tuition. Nas is known for his philanthropy as well and has raised money for several low-income families. With both of them having a big heart, we're sure they'd find a big love within each other as well.