Hip-hop stars are often seen as role models. They're idolized and emulated for their success, fashion choices, lavish lifestyles and the bevy of women that surround them. But when they aren’t hard at work creating hits, driving fancy cars or flashing wads of cash, they lead a life just like you, which also means making some mistakes along the way.

Since they're typically under a microscope in the public eye, your favorite artists' trials and tribulations like arrests are exposed for all to see. Getting handcuffed can cost them endorsement deals, their legion of fans, and, even worse, their freedom.

Case in point: Bobby Shmurda. Still coming down from a 2014 summer high with his anthem, ‘Hot N----,’ and the viral "Shmoney Dance," he was preparing to make his major label debut on Epic Records and embark on the rap career of his dreams. But the Brooklyn, N.Y. rhymer’s bright future was dimmed when he and his GS9 crew were arrested last month.

From Shmurda to Jay Z, this list of artists proves that just about anyone can go from a jetsetter to a jailbird in no time. Check out 10 Most Shocking Arrests in Hip-Hop.

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