Comedian Aries Spears got pummeled by internet radio personality Zo Williams during his appearance on Corey Holcomb’s 5150 show, which airs weekly on UStream. The whole thing was captured on video and it’s an eye-opener (see above).

We don’t know what sparked the fracas, but according to TMZ, Spears and Williams got into a heated argument when things started "getting racial." Williams, who is a co-host on Holcomb’s show, was visually upset when Spears was talking smack about “light-skinned n----s” always being loud.

In the video above, you can see Williams jump up and throw the first punch and then deliver multiple punches on the top of Spears’ head. Props to Spears for covering his noggin, which probably soften a lot of the blows.

Insiders told TMZ that Zo and the other co-hosts were tired of Spears’ being belligerent and drunk during the show.

Since the release of the video Spears has responded by calling Williams a "punk bitch," while Williams took the high road and apologized to his fans for "actions that are not representative of mature and professional people."

The video has sparked various reactions from users on Twitter. Some people joked that Williams was punching Spears with his wrists, while others wondered why Spears didn't fight back.

Check out the creative memes below.

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