Hip-hop loves side hustles. Whether it's designing a fashion line or red-hot sneaker like Kanye West, managing big league sports and music stars like Jay Z at Roc Nation, hydrating the masses with electrolytes like 50 Cent, peddling premium Ciroc vodka and running an entire television network like Diddy, or following Ice Cube, Eve and Will Smith's footsteps into the world of acting, rappers are always looking for new ways to expand their audiences and resumes, and in the process, make some serious cash.

Some rappers like LL Cool J, Queen Latifah and Ice T are so nice with their moonlighting gigs that we have all but forgotten that they were rappers from the start. Changing careers can be challenging. For every savvy business move, like Dr. Dre creating his billion-dollar Beats by Dre empire or Snoop Dogg coaching a successful kids' football team, there are rappers who took the wrong career turn.

Think of the countless artists who have unsuccessfully tried to expand inorganically by running record labels only for their releases to go double wood, degrading themselves for the wrong reality television show role or selling tacky clothes that currently collect dust on discount store racks. There are so many options available for rappers and one misfire can be detrimental not just to an artist's side income, but more importantly, to his or her main hustle too.

The Boombox is here to help. We play guidance counselor for some of your favorite MCs to assist them with the perfect career choice if they decide to hang up the mic. From Nicki Minaj to Drake to Rick Ross, check out 10 Alternative Career Choices Your Favorite Rappers Could Make.

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