The Weeknd's roll out of videos for tracks off his new album, 'Kiss Land,' continues with a steamy clip for 'Pretty,' which he recently performed on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live.'

Like the previous videos we've seen from frontman Abel Tesfaye, he's still making his way through Japan and looking for love. And if you're wondering if he's found that special someone, it looks like he might have in 'Pretty.' The only problem? She's with someone else.

It's not that she's just with another guy, but she's actually having sex with him. We know this because the highly not-safe-for-work video portrays the young woman writhing around on top of a man in a hotel room. Things don't end well for the couple, though, as Tesfaye rolls up with his handgun and fires some rounds through the window, killing them both. Well, that was pleasant.

You can watch the video for 'Pretty' above. 'Kiss Land' is out now.