After seeing Ariana Grande roll around in the sand in the behind-the-scenes footage for her new video 'Love Me Harder,' the songstress debuts the complete visual featuring the Weeknd.

Grande ramps up her sex appeal in the clip, sporting a fitted two-piece black dress and looking seductively in the camera as she continues to frolic in the sand.

Most of the shots catch the singer sitting in what looks to be an old castle. Classic furniture and a dazzling chandelier decorate the sand-filled space. There's also quick shots of lighting bolts, a red and orange sunset and pools water since director Hannah Lux Davis uses a seamless blend of man-made and natural beauty for the effort.

As far as the Weeknd, the camera finds him singing in a beam of light, almost turning his sleek frame into a dark silhouette, as he croons passionately, dressed in all black.

In the behind-the-scenes footage, Davis describes each shot as representing the struggle one endures in a relationship. "Our visuals are really about this tug of war of just loving harder and the compromise of giving in and needing more and wanting more," she said.

Between the muted colors, Grande's outfit and the song's subject matter, 'Love Me Harder' may be the singer's sexiest -- but classy -- video yet. There's raunch or trashiness here.