Once you listen to Ariana Grande's power ballad 'Love Me Harder' featuring the Weekend, you can almost envision what the video looks like based on its descriptive lyrics. Thanks to some behind-the-scenes footage, it's clear the songstress is embracing her sexy side.

Beau Casper Smart, the choreographer for the video (and Jennifer Lopez's ex-flame), confirms as much. "We literally just got out of the sandbox," he says. "Ariana was getting really sexy. I can't wait for you guys to see it."

The sneak peek doesn't reveal the video's story line, but there are shots of the chanteuse lying back in a pool of water and joining the Weekend in a room that resembles a basement or dungeon.

The director, Hannah Lux Davis, says the concept of the video has to do with the constant push-and-pull that many relationships posses.

"Today our visuals are really about this like tug-of-war, of just like loving harder, and kind of the compromise, giving in and needing more and loving more. Just honesty," she explains.

The catchy tune is the third single off Grande's No. 1 album, 'My Everything.'