As the one year anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti approaches, singer/philanthropist Wyclef Jean is linking with non-profit organization, Urban Zen, to continue to raise funds for the ravaged country. Urban Zen founder Donna Karan along with music mogul Andre Harrell, will host an exhibition titled 'The Truth' in New York City on Thursday (Dec. 16), benefitting the Caribbean country. While Jean is scheduled to perform at the charity event, reality star Kim Kardashian will host a live three-hour Twitter-party.

The exhibition is Urban Zen's way of paying tribute to the resilient spirit of Haiti's citizens while showcasing the dynamic country. Additionally, the exhibition and auction will raise money for "Gifts of Love" -- packages of necessities like shoes, Cholera relief, solar flashlights and whistles to offset attacks at night and the raping of women living in the Haitian camps. A companion online charity auction is being held through the website, and is open to bidders worldwide, through Jan. 21. The online auction features 68 photographic works of art from the exhibition.

Filmmaker Forrest Whitaker, Erykah Badu, Gary Dourdan, and David Arquette are all scheduled to attend the premier viewing, at the Urban Zen Center in Manhattan's Greenwich Village from 7-11PM. Tickets can be purchased for $125 via, while a public viewing of the exhibition will begin Friday, Dec. 17.

In other Wyclef news, the crooner recently joined The BoomBox on a trip to the Assembly Academy for Arts and Letters in Brooklyn, N.Y., as part of an apprenticeship with Citizen Schools and AOL editors, where he sent the day answering questions from aspiring journalists.

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