The Weeknd's latest video for "In the Night" is giving a serious '80s movies vibe with the essence of Michael Jackson. The BRTHR-directed effort takes place in a strip club that eventually ends in a bloodbath.

The grainy visuals continue to be hazy with overlaying colorful hues as Abel Tesfaye sings his heart out about a girl who's stripping for cash. "Dollar bills and tears keep falling down her face / She'll never walk away," he croons.

Tesfaye's rumored model girlfriend, Bella Hadid, stars as the leading lady, who gets seemingly kidnapped halfway through the visual. But luckily, she's not the damsel in distress at all.

"Wanna dance? You're one fine woman. Are you afraid?" says the kidnapper with his hand over Hadid's mouth as a gun points towards her. "I asked if you're afraid," he continues.

Then viewers see what put her in the predicament in the first place -- she sliced her boss's throat while the other women in the club went after the other men inside.

The next scenes show overlapping visuals of the Weeknd walking into the club and the girls having a fun night out at a carnival but the past always catches up. And there's nothing like the sound of a gun click to clear out the fog.

Hadid's kidnapper pulls out a gun on Tesfaye's head but before he can pull the trigger to kill him, a bullet comes flying towards his head from Hadid. The clip ends with the two riding off on a motorcycle.

Overall, the Weeknd gets bloodied and cinematic with his '80s-inspired video.

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