Having revealed the tracklisting and artwork to their upcoming 'Lords of Flatbush' EP which, like their debut mixtape, 'Indigoism,' will feature no vocal guests, Brooklyn duo The Underachievers form an unexpected partnership with producer Lex Luger for the first single, 'Leaving Scraps.'

Put it this way: The Underachievers rose to indie fame thanks to their refreshingly psychedelic twist on '90s East Coast influences, while Lex Luger literally stormed onto the scene three years ago with his hi-hat-rattling production for Waka Flocka Flame, Rick Ross and company.

The result, although fairly new territory for both parties, sounds like the natural meeting point between their respective sounds. Luger brings his crashing hi-hats and thick bass lines, but essentially washes them in a 40oz to give 'Leaving Scraps' a woozy, drunk bounce. It seems to work for Issa Dash and Ak as they float over the beat with the same raw, drug-fuelled rhymes.

Also featuring production from EFF.DOPE and Eric Arc Elliott of Flatbush Zombies, 'The Lords of Flatbush' is due out Aug. 29.

[Via Noisey]