Watching the video for Low Pros' '100 Bottles' is like being attacked by a bunch of neon lights, but that doesn't mean it's not enjoyable.

For those not in the know, Low Pros is a group comprised of A-Track and Lex Luger, who recruited Travis Scott for this particular track. The clip shows the rapper walking in a surreal world, made up of brightly lit buildings -- illuminated in colors of blue and purple -- and utter chaos happening all around him. Scott also appears as some sort of mechanical human.

At one point in the Nate Brown and Gustavo Torres-directed video, the 'Don't Play' artist arrives at a nightclub where he has to touch some strange screen to be let in. From there, he vibes to the music, watches the clubgoers and takes a swig from a mysterious bottle.

The visual is a slick combination of animation, actual footage of Travis Scott traveling around and a bunch of digital trickery, which will force your eyes to pay attention. In fact, there's so much going on simultaneously you may walk away from the video feeling a bit spent.

There's no doubt that Low Pros wanted to overstimulate the senses with this visual.