Hip-hop still doesn't go over so well in other parts of the world. Like Russia, for example.

In Arkhangelsk, a city in Northern Russia, a man was stomped to death this weekend for rapping at a sports bar.

According to reports, Alexei Gorlishchev, 25, was rapping at the Bookmaker Pub, which angered some of the other bar patrons in attendance. One such patron was 21-year-old Artyom Furzikov, who asked the rapper to "take it outside."

There, he slammed Gorlishchev to the ground and jumped on him. He suffered internal bleeding and died after being hospitalized.

Investigators have confirmed that rapping was the cause of the fight. Furzikov faces 15 years in jail if convicted.

Hip-hop is said to remain unpopular with some music fans in Russia, and the country's extreme nationalists prefer punk rock and its related sub-genres.