In "Let It Shine," a Disney Channel original movie set to premiere on June 15, Tyler James Williams plays Cyrus DeBarge, an aspiring MC who must convince his preacher father that rap music isn't evil. To Cyrus, hip-hop is sacred, and that's the idea behind "Guardian Angel," one of 13 tracks on the official soundtrack. The album isn't out until June 12, but The BoomBox is pleased to offer an exclusive stream of the song below.

Featuring rap verses by Williams and a vocal hook by co-star Coco Jones, "Guardian Angel" is about "finding purpose and heading to the top," according to Disney.

"I wanna be the greatest in the world/ Not for the money or the fame or the girls," raps Williams, an actor and musician best known for his stint on the comedy series "Everybody Hates Chris."

Cyrus' reason for rhyming -- "simply 'cause I love it" -- is echoed in Coco's impassioned chorus, which plays like a plea from the lead character to his father.

"Oh, this is who I am/ I wish you'd understand," she sings. "It's time to set me free/ My guardian angel."

Listen to "Guardian Angel" From the "Let It Shine" Soundtrack

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