As we entered episode three of Love & Hip Hop, the drama continued to escalate.

Since Mendeecees' incarceration, Yandy had been doing her best to make sure his kids remain together while their father is away. But she's been running into issues with the other mothers--especially Samantha--regarding the family. After finding out from Mendeecees' mom that Samantha has been leaving Lil Mendeecees with her mom, Kim, Yandy wanted confirmation. Unfortunately, Kim was so offended by the accusation that she flipped the table in front of Yandy and had to be taken away by security. Kim was then under the impression that Yandy was the bad guy in the situation. So she gathered the moms of Mendeecees' kids as well has his own mom. Unfortunately, Mendeecees' mom was sticking by Yandy's side. Arguments erupted, and Kim started to experience chest pain. They thought she was having a heart attack, EMTs quickly arrived and took her away in a stretcher.

Meanwhile, things cooled off between Kimbella and Juelz Santana after she caught him at a studio session filled with groupies. Juelz agreed to work on new material in their home studio, which made Kimbella happy; but J. Adrienne was still fuming over seeing Snoop feed Sofi Green. So she went to Kimbella for advice and comfort. The conversation calmed J. Adrienne down, but little did she know that Snoop met up with Juelz to talk about their relationship, too. After venting, Snoop explained that she may have to call it quits if things don't get any better.

Finally, things heat up in the Drewski-Sky-Bianca love triangle. After Drewski admitted that he started talking to Bianca again, Sky was worried and was ready to do anything to make sure B doesn't do any homewrecking. But when Drewski and Sky scouted venues for their new business venture, Bianca called and shared her new song, which included lyrics about missing and wanted to kiss Drewski. That obviously got Sky fuming; and she then met up with Mariahlynn to talk about a track that Drewski needed for a feature and of which she wanted ML to be part. In telling her this, she also explained that a girl was trying to get with her man. Mariahlynn was ready to clap back at the girl until she found out it was Bianca. Drewski played the track for Bianca, who was into it--as well as the white chocolate in front of her--even though the Hot 97 DJ told her that he was going to stay committed to his girlfriend.

In the end, ML, Cardi B and Bianca went to Sky and Drewski's event. Soon after Bianca came through, Sky came over to kick her out and an argument ensued. ML tried to stay out of it, but Cardi came to B's defense. By the end of it all, it was clear that this situation was only just starting to heat up.

Tune in next week to see what comes of this love triangle as well as how Kim is doing.