Lil B, the Based God, popped up at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory for a college lecture over the weekend.

The theme of the talk, which lasted more than an hour, was 'Less Opinion More Perspective' and within that frame, the rapper spoke on love, Kevin Durant and feminism, amongst several other wide-ranging topics. He was candid in his discussion, even opening up about his mother's recent stroke.

Not one to abandon his roots, the rapper-turned-lecturer even kicked a freestyle. The full transcript is available at The Fader, but we've pulled a few choice quotes from the lecture below.

On Empathy: "If you aren't a victim, make sure you listen and try to put yourself in that person's place. Give the person your all when you're listening. When you're talking to someone, this is their time. I'ma listen, I'ma tune out and try to feel you. That's a huge thing, understanding empathy. I base my core foundation, anything with business that I do, I have to feel and respect a company that I work with, as well the people behind that company. You've got to have love."

On Kevin Durant: [An audience member asks if Lil B loves Kevin Durant] "Thank you so much for bringing that out there. I do. I want to say, to answer your question: yes, I do love Kevin Durant, and I appreciate him, and I appreciate the NBA.

[Another person asks "Would you lift the curse if Kevin Durant came to D.C.?"] "If Kevin Durant came to D.C., would I lift the curse? Well, does Boston love D.C.? OK, so I didn't just say something stupid. Everybody was looking at me like -- I was thinking I said something wrong! But no, if he came to D.C… I would… uhhh… you know, me and Kevin -- me and Kevin got a game to play. Once Kevin is off his injury from the Based God's curse. I pray for the Thunder team, I pray for them."

On Feminism: [An audience member asks "Do you identify as a feminist?"] "Hell yeah. I push for the women so hard. This is some real, this is gon' make you think. I feel like black people and women deal with the same type of propaganda. You see images on TV, things being promoted. Sex sells, but that's a quick sell. What do you feel in your heart? Is that where your heart wanted to lead you? Is that where your art wanted to lead you"

"What propelled you to make that move? I definitely am a feminist to the maximum. I'm working to make sure that women feel protected as well as guys. For my next lecture, I really want to focus on awareness, and love, and being to yourself. I love women and I love feminists. Girls do have a legendary life. Women aren't under guys. There's a lot of propaganda that indirectly says women are down here."

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