Berkeley, Calif. rapper Lil B never fails to surprise critics and fans with the outlandish statements he's been known to make during his short career.

A member of rap group The Pack--known for their hit, 'Vans'--B has referred to himself in the past as a "pretty b-tch" and a Jesus look-alike, but his latest announcement is possibly his boldest: he's now claiming to be recording the "best hip-hop album to come out in rap history."

The album in question is allegedly a "mainstream" record, entitled 'Rain in England,' which will be produced entirely by himself and culled from over a body of work of over 1,500 songs, including 1,000 freestyles from this year alone.

"I say... like collective music I have, last time I checked on my iTunes, I have about 1,500 songs, including freestyles," Lil B, who also goes by the alias BasedGod, told MTV. "I probably have about 800 freestyles right now."

The "based" rapper explained his movement as spontaneous and "unconscious," saying, "Based really is being yourself, being positive, not really worrying too much about what people think about you. Really saying what comes to your mind first... It's like unconscious. Really not premeditating, saying, 'I'mma do this, I'mma say this, I'mma be this way,' but really just going with the flow."

Like fellow rap upstart and supporter, Soulja Boy, Lil B has risen to fame, albeit on a much smaller scale, via the powers of social networking, gaining inspiration by one fan in particular whom he met through MySpace.

"I made about 155 MySpace pages," Lil B explained. "I really hold the world record for that. It was crazy. I have seven songs each page, so five songs the minimum, so that's times 155. That's when I started and I was really doing it for one supporter. There was one guy. He was on there like 'Man, I love your songs.' I was like, as long as one person's listening to me and one person cares about me, I'm going to keep going."

Check out some of Lil B's "based" music here. For more information on the "based" movement, read the BasedGod's blog.