Rapper Lil B ran into some misfortune recently at a hotel in Oakland, Calif. The Bay Area rhymer claims that two staffers at Red Lion Hotels stole $10,000 out of his room.

On Monday (April 27), the Based God went on Twitter to air out his grievance with the hotel and then put them blast with a video on Instagram.

"So people that work at hotels are stealing from rooms now?? Not cool Oakland ca and shame on the manager and staff who wronged," he tweeted.

In the video, Lil B is asking the hotel manager about filing a claim and is getting no assistance. "This manager at red lion refuses to help Lil B???...Who has Lil B money???!” he wrote. “Protect Lil B! Collect and spread around to find truth the woman on video is the hotel manager who refuses to help she has info who stole lil b money!”

It's unclear why Lil B left $10,000 in his hotel room. Was it in cash or a check? Either way, the hotel chain did reach out to Lil B on Twitter.

Meanwhile, fans are tweeting their prayers for the Based God to get his money back. We hope that Lil B gets his money back too, and then invest in a wallet.

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