When Kanye West excitedly hopped on a table at the Facebook offices to recite a capella versions of the songs on his new album, 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,' a year ago, one of the most talked about verses was from 'Mama's Boy,' a track where 'Ye channeled his 5-year-old self, criticizing his mother's beaus.

Though the playful track would probably not have fit alongside epic posse cuts like 'All of the Lights' and 'Monster,' fans were understandably let down when 'Mama's Boyfriend' inexplicably never made the album. Thankfully, now the song has finally hit the 'Net.

Rapping from the perspective of both a boy in his Superman pajamas and the 'grown' Kanye who "don't drink the drama, or sip the Dom Tyler Perry-on" Yeezy sagely concludes, "I never liked you n----s, who knew one day I'd be just like you n----s?"

Kanye's reps have yet to confirm whether the track is official, yet the filtered, sped-up soul sample in the production feels like a holdover from Kanye's 'Blueprint' batch. Though the vocals slip off beat at times, the track sounds legitimate.