Artists looking for a big break can always rely on YouTube as the place they can share their incredible talent and get an immediate audience at the same time. Luckily for Rhett Price, the violinist's skills have earned him much respect across the internet after debuting his hip-hop and R&B covers.

Price has been dropping some amazing covers from your favorite rappers and singers including The Weeknd's "The Hills," Fetty Wap's "Trap Queen" and "679" and Drake's "Hotline Bling."

While playing the four-string instrument, Price is able to match Fetty Wap's rap flow by providing the cinematic, orchestral sounds. With a combined total of 300,000 views on his Fetty Wap covers, he's giving Miri Ben-Ari a serious run for her money as the next hip-hop violinist.

"When it comes to Fetty Wap, I truly am a fan.  It's hard being a violinist and wanting to jam to songs without a singer, but with songs like 'Trap Queen' and '679' there was enough of a melody that I could take it where I wanted it, and I did," Price told The Boombox via e-mail. And according to the him, the "Trap Queen" rapper's producer reached out to him as well, which he hopes leads to an onstage collaboration one day.

Price, who was listening and covering rock and roll two years ago, wrote that his ears have been gravitating to likes of hip-hop and pop lately, which is what led to the covers.

The talented instrumentalist will serve a cover of Ellie Goulding's "On My Mind" next, which he calls a "really solid example of pop music with a bit of both hip-hop and EDM production."

And as he continues to release more covers, he's also preparing an original album of his own. Fans may be able to catch Price on a tour planned for 2016, as well. Check out more of his covers below.

Listen to Rhett Price's "The Hills (Violin Remix)"

Listen to Rhett Price's "Hotline Bling (Violin Remix)"

Listen to Rhett Price's "679 (Violin Remix)"

Listen to Rhett Price's "Lean On (Violin Remix)"

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