Well, what do you know, October is here and September is but a distant memory, which means we're officially in the fourth quarter of the year. And that all but guarantees more than a few high-profile releases are sure to be dropping in our laps sooner than later. But, aside from that, today is also Friday, which means that another edition of Songs of the Week is in store.

Last week featured a crazy lineup with the likes of Joe Budden, Paul Wall and CeeLo Green trumping the competition with some heavy artillery in the form of their new releases. But the getting has only gotten better the further along we've gotten in the year and this week's finalists are no slouches themselves. The competition for the top three slots of the week was heated, with contenders like Tinashe, Wale and Jeezy all blessing the public with dope cuts to rock out to.

But as longtime fans of Songs of the Week know, three is the magic number so decisions have to be made and we've came to our conclusion. Check out our latest edition of Songs of the Week featuring tracks from Grafh, Freddie Gibbs and Gucci Mane. Enjoy.

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    "Lord of Mercy"


    The list of rappers from New York City that failed to take the baton from Jay Z and run with it during the aughts is a lengthy one and some would say that Jamaica, Queens rapper Grafh's name could be included on that scroll. While major label success may not have panned out for Grafh, nobody can front on his lyrical prowess and "it" factor, which he puts on full display on the bruising offering "Lord of Mercy." "I'm on my independent s--- / I'm self made, what the f--- can n----s help me with / Too pretty, you busy on that selfie s--- / I run up on you and I'll beat you with the selfie stick," he rhymes. Grafh infuses a tinge of Jamaican patois into his flow and spices up the delivery on this outing. Grafh's forthcoming album, Painkillers: Reloaded, may not be on docket until 2016, but if the LP is anything like its lead single, something tells us that Grafh may be due to a return to prominence.

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    "The World Is My Ashtray"

    Freddie Gibbs

    Elite lyricists may be at a premium these days, but Freddie Gibbs remains one of the few still concerned with running roughshod over tracks. The Midwestern goon returns from hiatus to drop off some fresh work with his new single, "The World Is My Ashtray," a heart-wrenching number that finds Gibbs baring his soul with no reservation. "June 14, 1982 / Tunnel of life, she pushed that baby through / Few minutes later, she pushed that baby out / She ain't raise him to be slanging s--- up in her house," he delivers. Gibbs gives a rundown of his hardships coming up as a young hustler on the road to success. Produced by Ski Beatz, "The World Is My Ashtray" is unadulterated street music with equal parts grit and substance.

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    Gucci Mane

    Gucci Mane may be incarcerated, but that hasn't stopped him from outpacing many of his counterparts in the rap game with a steady stream of releases to hold over fans until his eventual return. Hitting off the streets with some contraband in the form of "Orange," Gucci gives the fans even more reason to anticipate the day he's a free man. "Word on the street I'm the best thing going / Smoking on the gas, got the best thing blowing / Tattoos on my face, it's my face, not yours / Spanish broad, Gucci clothes, n----, everything foreign," he raps. Mr. LaFlare is his usual carefree self while swagging all over the beat. Zany bars like "I'm in hot pursuit, I'm stacking loot, you n----s sweet as apple juice / Your girlfriend got an apple bottom, sucked me like she snaggle-toothed" are just a sample serving of the witty couplets dropped on this track and make "Orange" a must-have for your weekend playlist.