Over the summer, Wale kept himself busy by collaborating with some creative producers. The DMV rhymer visited the Sprite Corner pop-up shop in New York and created a song with hitmaker Metro Boomin and the Highbridge Voices choir. The end result is the dreamy tune, “Voices in My Head.”

Thankfully, the duo’s collaboration was captured on video by the good folks at Mass Appeal. They described the experience like this:

From the jump, Wale let everyone know they were being treated to an exclusive experience, as he’d never opened up his creative process to such a large group before. However, once Wale and Metro Boomin settled on the direction of the song, it was almost as if they completely forgot about the crowd, experimenting without reservation. The Highbridge Voices choir brought an additional layer to the experience, adding haunting harmonizations to Metro’s production."

On the song, Wale gets introspective over the Highbridge Voices haunting vocals and Metro Boomin's lumbering beat.

"Voices in my head / They make me think larger make me reach lower to find out what I got left / Voices in my head / They make me go harder, make me think sharper, youngin' but I'm wiser / Voices in my head / They make me dream higher maybe I can realize all I desire," he raps on the chorus.

It's always good to see two creative minds get together and deliver a solid track. Add the youth choir, who are also on a musical path to greatness, and you get a very unique collaboration. It's a win-win for everyone.

"Music binds us all together," said Wale. True indeed.

Check out the song below.

Listen to Wale's "Voices in My Head"

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