Jeezy is delivering a sermon for the hood on the title track of his upcoming album, Church in These Streets.

On the Zaytoven-produced song, the ATL rapper asks his listeners to call him Pastor Young because he "came to spread the word." The trap record is filled with dinging bells and the heavy bass instantly calls for shoulder bouncing and head nodding to accompany Jeezy's raspy voice.

"Graduated from the streets and I ain't had a tutor / If you see another day then just say hallelujah / Ain't no f---in' secret, know I came from nothin' / Told myself that I'ma go and grind for somethin'," he spits before adding that he "gotta splurge when I can." He also makes sure to give a reminder that he's a "God fearin' man." Preach.

"Church in These Streets" is the first taste of Jeezy's Sunday Service, which will feature a "sermon" in the form of a song, video, letter or other unique content each week.

Fans can probably expect some political statements from the Snowman as well, whose known for commenting on hot topics such as the presidential election. In an interview with Rolling Out, the 37-year-old rapper shared his thoughts on the Republican debate and why it's important to follow politics.

“I wanted to take a bigger [stance on] social responsibility and educate people as much as I can on things that I happen to know,” he explained. “I’m not going to tell you that I’m going to be on the straight and narrow but now we have to know what’s going on in our world. If we don’t know, our kids won’t know.”

Jeezy's upcoming album, Church in These Streets, is due Nov. 13.

Listen to Jeezy's "Church in These Streets"

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