Lil Wayne and Drake aren’t the only artists ‘Grindin'’ out here. R&B crooner August Alsina outlines his own trials and tribulations with his smoothed out remake of Weezy’s single.

In the official music video, directed by Lindsey Payne, Alsina ushers in the natural elements as he takes a solo excursion to the deep into a dark forest hideaway. Fire and smoke scenes add compliment the introspective track.

“We come from forts and expeditions, slangin' pipas with ambition / 'Cause back in my younger days that's just how we make a living / That's how I was thought to grind learnt to hustle from my moms / That's that G s--- and the G simply stands for grind,” he sings with conviction on the hook.

On the Knucklehead-produced track ,the ‘Testimony’ singer, also touches on his recent health issues. “Doctors tell me I’m exhausted and s---,” he sings, “I can’t stop now I’m never gone quit.”

It looks like August is back and ready to grind all the way to the top.

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