Although Jay Electronica apologized for dissing Kendrick Lamar and 50 Cent during a Periscope rant back in April, there is one member of Black Hippy who is still feeling some type of way.

Ab-Soul made a guest appearance during the second annual Steez Day Festival in Los Angeles on Thursday (July 7) and sent a lyrical shot at Jay Elect.

Complex reports that Soulo kicked a couple bars a capella with a few lines directed towards the "Exhibit C" rapper.

“I was like a swami to Jay Electronica until he figured that Kendrick wouldn’t admit that he would body him for a milly," he rapped.

Granted, it wasn't a huge lyrical shot but Ab-Soul was defending K.Dot and believes that in a rap battle, the Compton rapper will win over Electronica.

Just to jog you memory, during a 16-minute Periscope chat session, Jay Elect was asked about different rappers and he had some harsh words for the celebrated TDE rapper. “Kendrick is my son," he said. "[He] wishes he could be me." He then added that he would smack 50 Cent's "eyeballs loose."

The 39-year-old rhymer would later apologized on his Twitter account. “Peace to K dot and TDE because regardless to whom or what we are brothers fighting the same enemy. Forgive my past transgressions,” he tweeted. “Peace to 50 as well. that’s my brother and I love him. I’m just waiting for him to let his greatness shine.”

We hope that someone in the TDE family will deliver a memo to Ab-Soul that Jay Electronica did apologize for his past transgression. So let's no open old wounds.

But for argument sake, who do you think will win in a rap battle between Ab-Soul and Jay Electronica? Tell us in the comments below.