The fourth annual Broccoli City Festival kicked off this past weekend with star-studded acts like Future, Jhene Aiko, Anderson .Paak, BJ The Chicago Kid, The Internet and Sango taking the stage.

The sold-out event drew over 12,000 people to Washington D.C., but with over eight hours of back-to-back music there were definitely many times that could only be described via emoji.

From impressive drum solos, Prince covers and live sets The Boombox is highlighting ten of the best moments from this year's show.

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    BJ The Chicago Kid Shows Off His Drum Skills

    We knew BJ could sing but when the 31-year-old picked up the drum sticks to groove along to his music, we were floored. Check out the clip below.

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    Anderson .Paak Shows Off Some Dance Moves

    Anderson .Paak is no doubt talented in the singing department (rapping and drumming too) but it's his dance moves that had us wanting to party along to his funky tracks. Check out .Paak rocking out to Malibu's "Am I Wrong."

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    Syd Tha Kyd Soothes With Songs From 'Ego Death'

    The Internet's frontwoman brought her angelic presence to the 2016 Broccoli Festival. Syd's smooth voice was not one to miss. Check out The Internet perform "Dontcha" below.

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    The Audience Sings Happy Birthday to The Internet's Syd Tha Kyd

    Speaking of the woman with the beautiful voice, Syd Tha Kid's birthday was last week (April 23) but it's never too late to hear the birthday song. The show's host asked the audience to sing to the birthday girl but we were all surprised when Goldlink came out on bended knee to join in, too. Check out the moment below.

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    Anderson .Paak and BJ The Chicago Kid Get On Stage 'The Waters'

    "The Waters" is one of the most infectious tracks off of Anderson .Paak's Malibu. Between BJ's "ooh oohs" and .Paak's skit-skat style, it's easily a fan favorite. So it was all the better when the two artists happened to be co-headlining the same festival and graced the stage together. Catch the moment below.

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    Lance Gross and Sway Surprise Audience

    Sway and Lance Gross hit the stage at different points in the show -- but both were a surprise to the audience. While Gross shared his next moves in the industry (he'll be joining Fox's Sleepy Hollow), Sway shared some heartfelt words. After revealing that his whole career has been driven by his desire to "improve our condition" he also thanked the audience. "I appreciate you guys accepting me for who I am," he said.

    Victoria Johnson, The Boombox
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    Jhene Aiko Covers Prince's "Diamonds and Pearls"

    As the new faces of eclectic, funky and just plain 'ol good music took the stage, it's hard to deny Prince's influence -- especially when Jhene Aiko covered The Purple One's "Diamonds and Pearls." The song was released during Prince's time performing with his band The New Power Generation--a fitting title for the event's artists.

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    Sango Brings Out SPZRKT and Goldlink

    Sango mixed Brazilian funk with R&B and hip-hop tracks including Usher's "You Make Me Wanna" and Kanye West's "Father Stretch My Hands" but it was his special guests who really drew big cheers from the crowd. SPZRKT showed up for the Sango-produced “How Do You Love Me” and “JMK” while Goldlink performed “Wassup.” Check out SPZRKT's performance below and catch Goldlink's here.

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    Future Closes Out The Show

    Between the rain and the confetti, Future's performance was pretty epic. Spanning over six projects in the past year, the "Where Ya At" rapper performed over 30 tracks and kept the crowd hype throughout the entire hour set. And he even had a few songs for the "day ones."

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    Broccoli City Does a 'Purple Rain' Tribute to Prince

    Music lost a great on April 21 when Prince passed away. Although the artists at the Broccoli City Festival were a refreshing reminder that music itself isn't dead, there's no debating Prince's legacy and influence. So naturally, the event's organizers paid a tribute to The Purple One. But, almost as if it was on cue, it started drizzling as Prince's "Purple Rain" played. RIP Prince.