You know that insane, yet hilarious rumor floating around that Gucci Mane has been cloned? Well, one of Guwop's main producers, Zaytoven just got in on the fun with a "I've Been Cloned" t-shirt. He's even set to make some money from it. Zaytoven's t-shirts, which come in an array of colors and sizes, are now available at

The rumors that Gucci is a "government clone" took a life of their own, so much so that Gucci himself addressed them last month, after being released six months early from prison back in May. Guwop had slimmed down considerably and talked openly about the power of veggies, causing people to speculate about his obvious changes. That speculation morphed into a strange conspiracy theory after the Atlanta rapper called his vintage Cartier frames "mind-blowing" in a fake bougie accent on Snapchat.

The clone thing real kicked in when Gucci got on Kanye West's Cruel Winter single, "Champions" and rapped, "Now that Gucci home/ It's over for you Gucci clones." Talk about misinterpretation. Anyhow, it go so bad that Guwop actually had to address the clone rumors himself, in a short video video clip.

Now, the pot has been stirred again, and by the homie no less. We wonder if Zaytoven plans on splitting any of the profits with Guwop? Not that Gucci probably needs it. His new album, Everybody Looking is high on the charts, and receiving high-praise, and he recently announced that he has a collabo project with Drake. 

You too, can be a Gucci clone, or at least say you are, for the bargain price of $29.95.

Check Gucci's responses to the clone rumors from last month below.



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