Young Jeezy's newest video 'Supafreak' boasts the pinnacle of hip-hop wealth through a show of strippers, wads of $100 bills and endless bottles of high quality liquor. But at the end of the day, Jeezy doesn't need all the glitz and glamor. What he really wants is his very own 'Supafreak.'

With the assistance of fellow Georgia-born rapper 2 Chainz, the two fly MCs scan a club for their favorite lady -- one with ambition, but with a whole lot of good looks. "Last night it was kush and Ciroc: I was super geeked/ Cash flowing, money flowing, yeah that's a super week," Jeezy rhymes under a thousand neon laser lights.

The Atlanta wordsmith has been doing pretty well lately. His fourth full-length LP 'TM103' moved 233,000 units within one week of its release in December. In a struggling economy, Jeezy still knows the right way to hustle.

Check out the flashy video for 'Supafreak' below and watch out for a quick cameo from T.I.

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