Young Dolph is in a good position in his "Both Ways" video; he's got two women ready to ride-or-die for him.

The video, which dropped via WorldStarHipHop, opens with the trio heading to commit a burglary. Their target? A medical marijuana dispensary. The two women head in as the 30-year-old rapper keeps lookout and waits to make sure everything turns out as planned. After the heist, The Iconick and RayRay IFilm-directed video takes viewers to their private celebration--where, of course, the two women strip down to some sexy lingerie. Afterwards, they triumphantly head down the road in Dolph's sleek silver Ferrari.

"Both Ways" is from Dolph's latest album, King of Memphis. In an interview with XXL, the rhymer shared how he's moving up in the rap game and putting on for his city.

“I’m the new wave of the city,” he said. “All the rest of the s---, the King of Memphis and all that s--- everybody been saying, been doing more to keep our city divided and apart instead of helping the city. It don’t do nothing for the city. It’s just saying, “I, I, I. I’m the big this or I’m the big that.” Versus just an “us” or a “we.” I’d rather see everybody eat. I’d rather open up the doors and f--- with the whole city. It ain’t gotta be artists I sign.”

Dolph also made an appearance at Gucci Mane's July homecoming concert in Atlanta.

Check out how Dolph's latest flick above.

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