Don't even think about telling any of the Wu-Tang Clan members to give up their chain because you'll highly regret it.

That's what 'Necklace' is about, a newly released banger off their highly anticipated album, 'A Better Tomorrow.'

On the song, the group deliver rhymes on how certain up-to-no-gooders are constantly scheming on their flashy jewelry.

"My necklace had the whole crowd on some next s---, the guest list full of real n----s that's hectic / The charm piece make my n----s move like calm beast / Palm beach, two jostling n----s with long reach," spits Cappadonna.

Raekwon is up next and warns dudes not to run up on him.

"I keep my neck frozen .45 loaded please don't approach this / Rope is so ferocious diamonds that shine in oceans / Keep your arm distance from my carrots silly rabbit, make me get my barrel spaz out and cause havoc," rhymes the Chef, over a dark, sample-driven track that sounds like classic Wu.

RZA even samples a Kung Fu flick serving up a classic reminder ("Brother, I think that necklace is causing you trouble"), bringing his approach all the way back to their 'Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)' days. Ghostface and GZA showcases their rhymes on the song too.

'A Better Tomorrow' drops on Dec. 2, which is definitely exciting Wu fans all around the globe.

Listen to Wu-Tang Clan's 'Necklace'