With his hometown anthem 'Black and Yellow' reaching the masses -- and powering the Pittsburgh Steelers to the Super Bowl earlier this year -- and Kanye West's ex on his arm, Wiz Khalifa is having a banner year.

The smoked-out rapper, who was unsigned just a few short months ago, is currently riding a self-made wave into headlines, after inspiring a major label bidding war and a catfight between hip-hop honeys Amber Rose and Natalie Nunn, the former riding by his side at nearly every event he's seen at. Wiz' Atlantic Records debut, 'Rolling Papers,' has finally made its mark, cementing the Pittsburgh native's name in the hip-hop landscape. Besides his musical endeavors, he's also prepping tracks for a weed-themed movie with Snoop Dogg.

The BoomBox sat down with the 23-year-old phenom to discuss his rise to fame, hometown pride and how it feels to turn down both a recording contract from Rick Ross and the opportunity to open for Drake, in favor of headlining his past Waken Baken tour as he champions his Taylor Gang movement.%VIRTUAL-globalVideoEmbed-{"videoIds":"517721212","width":"476","height":"357"}%